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Malware & Spam protection | Project Team Workspace
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In charge of this topic: @Lusine

In the comments to this doc we will discuss and coordinate the topic and useful actions. See also the Group Forum, threads/tags “Spam registration”, etc.
After all questions are settled we will draft here the Malware & Spam Avoidance Plan

Thanks for your cooperation, Michael
Malware & Spam Avoidance Plan




  • http://lehnhardt-academy.net/projects/docs/plugin-wp-lockup/
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Discussion (2)

  1. Protection installed by Jay in 2012


    From: Jay Woolwine <jay.woolwine@gmail.com>

    Date: 22 May 2012 16:25

    Subject: Virus Stuff

    To: Michael Goriany <michael.goriany@gmail.com>

    1) Anti Hack feature comes with OSE (the software we installed on your server) and is specific to each installation of OSE, I understand that site5 will create a separate hosting account for a new domain when a new domain is added -  then OSE needs to be installed on it and anti hack has to be configured.   Down the road if you want OSE installed and configured on future domains we will do it for $40 per domain.  That $40 will include the plugin we use below.

    2) WP Security Plugin which we used is WP Lockup – this is a paid plugin which I purchased and the captcha is result of it.

    However, to configure it first we need to add the license key and then deactivate the plugin and then again reactivate the plugin

    and then go to Dashboard ->WP Lockup->WP Lockup

    and then there are two check boxes as below:-

       Enable captcha on admin login

       Send email to admin on hack attempt

    Make sure you tick it and enable it and then click the BLUE BUTTON "Save Options"

    Again, if you have domains you want to add this to in the future, we will set up OSE and this plugin for $40 total / domain.

    3) Google Docs are fairly safe. It is not the best way to keep the passwords safe. But if we keep changing the google account passwords at regular fixed intervals I think it’s not bad and ensure that you do not login from public computers to google accounts probably it is safe.


    this is answering my email as follows


    From: Michael Goriany <michael.goriany@gmail.com>

    Date: Friday, 18 May 2012

    Subject: Virus Cleaning

    To: Jay Woolwine <jay.woolwine@gmail.com>

    Cc: Anastasia Slukhai <anastasia_sl@yahoo.com>, "Mag. Angelika Güttl-Strahlhofer" <angelika.guettl@webcampusprojects.net>

    Hello, Jay,

    We are going through the Blogs until Sunday evening, to see, whether there are remaining issues. So hopefully on Monday the project can be considered as finished.

    Here three questions:

    1. how have you set-up "anti hack", is this a specific software, or what else ? When adding another domain, what to care for ?

    2. WP-security: which plugin ? So to install it also in further WP. I assume this is resulting in the captcha when logging in. Does this plugin need any setting ?

    3. How do you regard safety of Google docs ? It would be useful if we would keep the list with passwords in such docs. Is this safe enough ? What to consider if we do it ?

    many thanks,


  2. Plugins Akismet & FV Antispam

    I have installed the plugin FV Antispam in addition to Akismet in the http://lehnhardt-academy.net/projects

    There is info that they are ideal together. FV immediately trashes spam bots


    1. install the same and same setting in





    2. ask Jana where to install as well

    3. draft a short memo documenting the installs and setting

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